About Us

At Los Tacos by Chef Omar patrons enjoy truly authentic Mexican food at four South Florida Locations.

Since its inception, Los Tacos by Chef Omar has boasted the perfect culinary cultivation of modern Mexican gastronomy complimented by the traditional dishes and seasoning originating from Mexico. Locally owned and operated, diners can expect a unique experience featuring abundant portions, fresh ingredients and classic tastes, which have been influenced by the melting-pot of flavors and people that make up South Florida.

Chef Omar Covarrubias opened the franchise in 2010 with a mission to offer traditional Mexican cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere, and at a price that is truly affordable. What makes each Los Tacos by Chef Omar restaurant so unique is the dedication to detail, from the decorations on the walls to the freshest ingredients exquisitely married in each dish. Everything at Los Tacos by Chef Omar is cooked to order, guaranteeing the freshest and most authentic Mexican food delivered right to your table.

Due to the attention to detail, influence from various regions throughout Mexico and intimate atmosphere, Los Tacos by Chef Omar has become the ideal restaurant for Mexican food lovers in South Florida whether dining in or taking out!


About Chef Omar Covarrubias

Born in Mexico City on August 24, 1969 and at a very young age he was already experimenting with traditional Mexican products at his family’s hotel kitchen en Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico with the guidance and “secretos” of traditional kitchens from several regions of Mexico. He attended and graduated Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Florida. He was chosen as the Executive chef for governmental functions including a gala dinner for the Mexican president during his visit to the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Chef Omar Covarrubias said: “At Los Tacos By Chef Omar you will enjoy truly authentic Mexican food at really affordable prices, and soon we will open from morning to offer the Mexican breakfasts and to please the palate of our customers at any time of day.”